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  • A donation of any amount gets your name or hacker name w/ a link on this page
  • $100 or more gets your logo on our meetup page and website w/ a link
  • $200 or more gets you all of the above plus promotion at each of our events
  • Extra promotion is given to our most generous sponsors
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About us

Modeled after the original Hackers & Founders group in San Francisco, Hackers and Founders Wellington brings together soon-to-be and early stage tech entrepreneurs to share war stories, pitch ideas, and make contacts. Our goal is to foster ideas and people and push them over the edge to create awesome startups. Unlike your standard meetups, filled with business generalists, speakers from established corporates, and heaps of available seating, H&F events are intimate and focused. We offer a limited number of seats (usually 50), candid conversations with top notch speakers (usually founders of early-to-mid stage startups & VC's), food & beer to satisfy the munchies, and heaps of startup insider goodness. In other words, this won't be a meetup filled with business guys asking you to build their restaurant website. We're there to help create kick-ass tech startups.

Thanks to the awesome folks at BizDojo we've got our venue nailed. The only thing we need now is funding. We created this site to fund our existence and need your help to make it happen. Donations go straight toward funding our events. Our goal is to fund 6 events ($365 per event * 6 = $2200).

If we raise more money we'll have either more events, more flash pizza & beer, or both!

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